Love Unbound: Gerry Turner, The Golden Bachelor, Embarks on a Heartwarming Journey

In an exciting announcement on Good Morning America, Gerry Turner, a vibrant 71-year-old Indiana resident, was revealed as the inaugural Golden Bachelor for ABC’s upcoming senior spinoff, The Golden Bachelor. With his infectious enthusiasm and belief that “it’s never too late to fall in love again,” Gerry’s journey promises a unique twist on the beloved Bachelor franchise.

Love and Loss:

Gerry Turner’s love story began with his high school sweetheart, Toni, to whom he was happily married for 43 years. Tragically, Toni fell ill and passed away in 2017, just six weeks after retiring. Reflecting on her death, Gerry Turner expressed his deep sense of loss, but also his unwavering love for her. He believes that Toni would want him to find happiness and continue living life to the fullest. Gerry cherishes their memories together, and he speaks to Toni daily, seeking her guidance and imagining her support as he embarks on this new chapter. Their enduring bond serves as a reminder that true love transcends time.

Daughters Encourage Gerry Turner’s Quest for Love

Gerry Turner

Gerry Turner and Toni were blessed with two daughters, Angie and Jenny, who have been unwavering pillars of support throughout their father’s journey. Understanding his yearning for companionship, Angie and Jenny enthusiastically encouraged Gerry to take a leap of faith and join The Golden Bachelor. Their belief in his capacity to find love again showcases the strength of their familial bond. A heartwarming photo captures the love and joy shared between Gerry, his daughters, and his granddaughters, Charlee and Payton, reflecting the generational support that forms the foundation of Gerry’s pursuit of love.

Gerry’s Ideal Partner:

When it comes to finding love, Gerry Turner has a clear vision of what he desires in a partner. He seeks someone who matches his lively personality and shares his love for sports. Gerry enthusiastically expressed his desire for a high-energy companion who enjoys playing sports like pickleball and golf. With his background as a retired restaurateur, Gerry appreciates the joys of good food, dining out, and sharing laughter with loved ones. His dream is to find a partner who embraces life’s adventures and cherishes quality time spent together.

Premiere Details: Fall 2023, The Golden Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise

Fans eagerly await the premiere of The Golden Bachelor, slated for this fall in 2023, along with the ninth season of Bachelor in Paradise. ABC’s decision to introduce this new unscripted series aims to showcase a different kind of love story—one that celebrates the golden years and the search for a partner to share a lifetime of experiences. The Golden Bachelor promises to deliver heartfelt moments, unexpected connections, and the beauty of love discovered at any age. Meanwhile, Bachelor in Paradise will continue its tradition of capturing the whirlwind romances and dramatic twists that keep viewers captivated.

How to Watch:

As with other Bachelor franchises, The Golden Bachelor will air on ABC, ensuring that fans can tune in to witness Gerry’s quest for love. However, for viewers without cable, the option to stream all episodes will be available on ABC’s website and Hulu the morning after they air. This accessibility ensures that fans can join Gerry on his journey, regardless of their preferred viewing platform, and share in the excitement as the story of The Golden Bachelor unfolds.


Gerry Turner’s journey as The Golden Bachelor invites viewers to witness a heartwarming love story unfold in the golden years of life. With the blessing of his late wife and the unwavering support of his loving family, Gerry sets out to find a partner who shares his zest for life and love. As the premiere date approaches, anticipation grows for the heartwarming moments, unexpected connections, and endless possibilities that await Gerry and the women who will compete for his heart on The Golden Bachelor. Get ready to join Gerry on a remarkable journey that proves love knows no age limits and that it’s never too late to find a soulmate.

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