Netflix’s Hilarious Heist Adventure: Pierce Brosnan and Adam Devine Join Forces in ‘The Out-Laws’ 2023

In “The Out-Laws,” Netflix’s new comedy heist flick, Pierce Brosnan, the legendary James Bond himself, takes on the role of Billy McDermott, a suave and skilled heist specialist. When Adam Devine, playing the role of the vault-obsessed bank manager Owen Browning, receives the news that Brosnan will be his father-in-law in the movie, he can’t contain his excitement. Devine even gets misty-eyed at a baseball game, leaving his dad bewildered.

As the mysterious and intimidating future in-laws, Brosnan and Ellen Barkin make a surprise visit to Owen just before his wedding. Little does he know, they are notorious bank robbers. This plot twist leaves Owen completely shocked and sets the stage for hilarious encounters between Brosnan’s character and Devine’s goober-like persona.

Known for his comedic timing, Brosnan brings his A-game to “The Out-Laws,” delivering a barrage of insults and put-downs aimed at the pompous and talkative Owen Browning. From turd jokes to shorty jokes, Brosnan spares no effort in teasing the pasty little goober, which he claims is his specialty.

During the filming, Brosnan even surprises Devine with an unexpected and outlandish insult involving sheep, leaving the younger actor astounded. Devine admits that he has never heard anything like it before, but Brosnan effortlessly rolls off the tongue with his Irish charm.

“The Out-Laws” combines Brosnan’s expertise in heist movies with his comedic talent, resulting in a delightful and entertaining experience for viewers. With hilarious insults, unexpected plot twists, and the charm of its star-studded cast, this Netflix comedy heist flick is sure to keep audiences entertained from start to finish.

Laugh-Out-Loud Moments:

The Out-Laws

Pierce Brosnan and Adam Devine formed a close bond on the set of “The Out-Laws,” even sharing an unexpected on-screen kiss. In the film, when their characters first meet, Brosnan’s character agrees to an awkward introduction by planting a kiss on Devine’s character.

Humorously, Brosnan initially jokes about trying to get out of the movie when he read the kissing scene in the The Out-Laws script, but then admits, “Nah, I thought it was funny kissing his chubby little mush.” Devine, on the other hand, praises Brosnan’s kissing skills, confirming that he is indeed a great kisser. He further mentions that the scene turned out just as funny as they had imagined it would be in the movie.

Another memorable moment on set involved Devine’s character diving headfirst through the driver’s car window, with Brosnan at the wheel of the getaway vehicle. Devine shares that the stunt team didn’t trust him with many stunts, except for this particular dive, as it was funnier and more awkward when he performed it himself.

However, Devine’s energetic execution of the dive didn’t always go as planned during some takes. Brosnan humorously recalls, “Of course, you see him dive in, you see his legs sticking out the window, and his head lands right into my lap.” Although that part didn’t make it into the final cut of the movie, it certainly provided some comedic moments during filming.

“The Out-Laws” not only showcases the hilarious chemistry between Brosnan and Devine but also demonstrates their willingness to embrace the comedic aspects of their roles. With funny and unexpected moments like the screen kiss and the daring car dive, this Netflix comedy heist flick promises to entertain audiences with its perfect blend of humor and action.

When Bond Meets Laughter:

The Out-Laws

James Bond fans will be thrilled to know that the iconic spy makes a playful appearance in “The Out-Laws.” In the film, Lilly and Billy McDermott, portrayed by Ellen Barkin and Pierce Brosnan respectively, find themselves dealing with their quirky future son-in-law, played by Adam Devine.

During a scene, Devine playfully poses with a squirt gun in a classic 007-style, which prompts Barkin’s character to compare him to James Bond. In a witty response, Brosnan’s character asks, “Which one?” to which Barkin replies, “Five,” referring to Brosnan’s portrayal of the superspy in the official Bond movies. This meta moment adds a touch of humor and nods to Brosnan’s iconic role.

Brosnan embraces the joke and responds with a smile, acknowledging the clever reference. He admits that as soon as Barkin’s line was delivered, he knew it would become a memorable part of the film.

While Brosnan effortlessly handles fight scenes and convincingly breaks into safes as required by his character in “The Out-Laws,” it is in the broad comedy moments that his 007 aura shines the brightest. One standout scene involves a vegan bakery shootout, complete with hilariously exploding cakes, demonstrating the perfect blend of action and comedy.

With its playful nod to the Bond franchise and Brosnan’s ability to seamlessly infuse his 007 charm into a broad comedy, “The Out-Laws” promises to delight audiences with its entertaining mix of spy references and comedic moments. Fans of Brosnan and Bond alike will find plenty to enjoy in this Netflix heist flick.

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